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李海林  校长


美国Towson University教育管理专业硕士

The educational mission of the Shanghai New Epoch Bilingual School and Admiral Farragut Academy can be summarized as: Everything comes from passion.
The reason why our Chinese and foreign professionals with their dreams coming from every corner of the world gather together and make contribution to the foundation of the school is that we have patience with the students, passion for education and persistence to our school.
What we love most is that we could spend the lively time with our students together. It is even with greater joy to watch them grow up day by day and all we benefit during this process is the peace of mind and professional skills. What we treasure most is that we understand the great expectation from the parents. When you send your children to our school, what we feel is the lofty mission placed on our shoulders and all the love and care from every family. In terms of this, we would like to work together with you to share all the joy and sorrow with our students and help them to reach the destination paved with blossoming flowers.
What we do hope is that our students will fall in love with our school at first sight. The moment when the students see our teachers, they will love their big smile. What we do expect is that our students would love all the colorful activities organized at our school and even love this world therefore. We hold the belief that no power can be comparable to the passion that will generate everlasting momentum and no power can be mentioned in the same category with passion that will offer children the warmth of love in their inner heart.
Passion is the soul of the Shanghai New Epoch Bilingual School, which is not only the important principle that applied to the evaluation and training of our teachers, but it is the internal standard that used to recognize students’ performances. What we want to build is a school with high quality. And here is what the quality wants to convey, that is everything in our school is from the passion and by the passion. Based on our belief, passion is highly unified between sensibility and rationality. Passion is an intense emotion that has endurable power. Passion is also a kind of obsession where your belief can be placed on. Therefore, passion can bring the beauty of human character into full play and promote the charm of human spirit to a new peak. People who have passion are charming and energetic. So when it comes to the question that what we love, we usually answer in a firm tone that we love passion.
If you have the same mind with us, we will warmly welcome you to join our team. If you place trust in us, please send your children to our school without hesitation. And we promise that we will give love and care to every children in our school, especially their inner heart and live up to your expectation with professional skills.
In the last part of my address, I would like to share a sentence with anyone who has read this address. That is, being together to go further.
Addressed by the Principal of Shanghai New Epoch Bilingual School